In 1995 I billed my first paying customer as Rufan-Redi. It was the start of what turned out to be a great adventure that ran initially parallel to my day job, and then became my job. On that adventure I had the privilege to work on some pretty amazing projects, and to meet some great people.

As technolgy evolved I developed in everything from VB and CASL (for PalmOS), to HTML and JavaScript, PHP/MySQL and ASP/SQL Server and a variety of other technolgies in-between. I'd started developing on 6502 assembler and gone, via COBOL and DB2 to CASE tools so all in all it's been quite a trip.

Time marches on and operating as a MicroISV in an increasingly competitive world gets tougher. You either have to expand (I never really wanted staff), increase your rates or reduce your quality - none of which were things I was comfortable doing. With some fantastic partners (Zzarg Advertising, Cat Savard Advertising, Cameron Media and CobaltMedia) things were stable but I was spending too much time drumnming up business and not enough time working my particular brand of magic.

It was time for a change. As luck would have it a great opportunity came my way which involved another relocation (my third country) and a chance to go and do what I love best - playing with technology and helping others make the most from it.

So, the doors are now closed. My last customers have been transitioned to new good homes. My Google page-rank is slowly slipping away and I'll keep this page up until the domain registration expires, and then finally close off this chapter.

My old blog lives on and my new life online is documented here - please have a look and use the comments pages there if you want to get in touch.

If you've been directed to this page by an email bounce please use the contact link on the new site to get in touch with me.

- Jeremy. Washington State, USA. June 2007

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"That which is overdesigned, too highly specific, anticipates outcome; the anticipation of outcome guarantees, if not failure, the absence of grace."
William Gibson - all tomorrow's parties